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Thread: Holiday Giveaway!

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    Where are the winners posted?

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    Originally Posted by OneBlessedCat
    Where are the winners posted?
    You can find each winning answer and its author right under the individual question in the original post.
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    Originally Posted by Babs
    I would give Katniss the gift of "Christmas Missed", therefore giving her a glimpse of what her life may have looked like with Gale. In doing this, she could put to rest any wonders of what she may have "missed" in an alternate life choice. What can I say, I'm a sucker for Gale
    I wanna share my Christmas gift experience to you. my friend give me a little surprise. he give me a electronic cigarette which is really attractive. i still have this.
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    thank you thank you thank you! congrats to the other winners

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