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All members must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated.
  2. Members should remember this board is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated.
  3. Members should post in a way which is consistent with "normal writing". That is users should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or coloured text, etc. Similarly users should not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation (e.g. ! and ?) in topic titles or posts.
  4. Multiple or repeated posting of the same thread or topic is not allowed, nor is repeated "bumping" of your thread.
  5. Do not claim to represent or speak on behalf of Funtactix or The Hunger Games Adventures if you are not a moderator, administrator, or staff member.
  6. Promotion of products, affiliate or referral links, illegal activities, music, or other intellectual property is strictly prohibited.
  7. Users are permitted only one forum account. Creating multiple accounts will result in a permanent ban of all accounts.
  8. Only use the report post feature when you are sure a post violates forum rules or contains questionable content.
  9. We do not monitor private messages, but we do investigate all allegations of private message abuse. Forum rules apply to private messages as well.
  10. Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Users are asked to read the forum descriptions before posting.
  11. No public posting of personal contact information.