The Following Plug-in has Crashed: Shockwave Flash

This FAQ Article, as well as the subsequent Technical Support article are helpful for users who experience one or more of the following issues:

  • You are using Chrome browser and the game (and all tabs with Flash elements) have stopped responding, giving you an error message:

The Following Plug-in has Crashed: Shockwave Flash

This is an issue that is not related to the game, but is related to the way Flash is packaged with Chrome, creating 2 instances of Flash running as plug-ins on the browser.

Visit this link for information on disabling one of the redundant plug-ins:

14 thoughts on “The Following Plug-in has Crashed: Shockwave Flash

  1. i just started the game and i’m at the point after i catch food and put it on the fire but i can’t do anything now my player doesn’t move and nothing happens and i can’t click anything i can’t even send friend request for the game

  2. I have not been able to play the game in awhile due to shockwave crashing and the game freezing. I have done everything the help tools have said but no change

  3. I am on the quest where I am at the bakery, getting food bowls from Prim for her goat. It starts to load, and the pop up screen with game advertisements works ok, then the whole screen just blanks out, and a big exclamation point shows up in the middle of the screen. Has been doing this for two days now. Have restarted my computer, etc. Several other players I have spoke with have all had connection problems, its very frustrating.

  4. Will you please take the neighbors off of my page? Everytime I go to my game, there are ALL the faces that I just got rid of! Thank you

  5. Please help me out how to get the gift code to finish the quest?

    Quest: Seal The Deal

    – Obtain the District 12 seal by entering the special code.

  6. i have tried switching from internet explorer to google chrome and firefox and the game is still having multiple problems including me not being able to play on certain accounts from the same device, loading issues, and I am getting a white screen with nothing showing up . I have tried everything your website has said to try and it is still not working.

  7. The flash plug-ins crash because gmail and facebook use them. As you play and reload the page, the plug in that was used for the game is still regitered as running, which Chrome “does not understand”. So, the best way is to close the tab Facebook, reopen a tab and open Facebook again. If you are using the same computer all the time, the page should reload automatically at the last screen you were on when you crashed. No worries. Computers are just about 40 years old and internet even less. Still cars are older by half a century and planes too and they still crash 😉

  8. Hi, guys !
    First, thanks for a great game. Decided to try it because of few familiar guys in dev. team (Yaron, Yakir, Merav T. ), but sticking to it :)
    Just dropping a note (although you probably know it without me as well – Shockwave flash crashes not only on chrome, but also on FF. HAppens a lot on FF 23, Shockwave flash 11.8 r800

    Gmar Chatima Tova,

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