Maximum Level, Experience (XP) and/or End of Chapters

Once you reach the current “Level Cap” or max level/max experience (xp) in game, you may notice that your XP Bar and Level stop rising. This is functioning as intended.

The game does continue to track your XP even after you reach the max level, so don’t stop questing or normal gameplay for fear of losing your progress. Once the Level Cap is raised you will “hop” up to where you should be!

The current max level/xp as of July 22, 2012

Please note - You may reach the end of the available quests before reaching maximum level. This allows you room to gain more experience (XP) when you are “harvesting” for crafting and other activities.

When you reach the end of the available quests, you will notice that there is no quest icon along the left side of your screen. This is not an issue, this is normal game-play. You have reached the end of the most current chapter. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and/or this site for announcements about new features and content!

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