How can I request my game account be terminated and deleted?

Deleting your entire game account is often not necessary, see the FAQ “What permissions does the game need from Facebook” to learn more about deactivating certain apps and removing their permissions. We recommend this step because terminating the account is an irreversible measure.

If you wish to continue, note that terminating your account includes the following:

  • Ending access to your current account
  • Erasing your information (including contact information) from the database and mailing list(s)
  • Deletion of your character and all in-game progress (not including your customer service records)

To request an account termination, please contact our support department by clicking HERE. Be prepared to answer some identifying questions for the Customer Support Agent so they can be sure they are speaking with the owner of the account. Only and account owner, or designated legal guardian can request an account termination.

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