UPDATE: Crafting and Road to District 11

New Content:

  • 16 new crafting related quests
  • 10 new “Road to District 11″ quests
  • New Zone: “The Mountain Stop”
  • 5 new buildings
  • 30 new crafting collectibles
  • Max Level now 35

New Features:

  • Crafting - Added “Workshop” and “Kitchen”
  • Added “Consumables” Tab in Inventory
  • Navigation Window — Map coming soon!
  • Collectibles describe uses and where to find them
  • “Show Me” button on quest screen optimized for multiple steps/locations of a quest
  • The XP bar now shows how much XP is needed to reach the next level
  • Improved experience for expanding Forest Escape

Resolved Known Issues:

  • Members missing Mockinjay Pin’s after the chapter update have now had their inventory adjusted so they hold the correct number of pins
  • Members stuck on a “log-in loop” or error because of a Forest Escape item have been adjusted accordingly to resolve the issue

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