Corn On The Cob

Where do I find it?

  • Corn on the Cob can be found by searching the Corn Patches in The Burned Cornfield

How do I use it?

  • Needed in the “Old Practices” quest along with Strawberry and Lump Of Coal to emulate the colors Cinna has used for the tribute costumes
  • May also be used to craft Corn on the Cob as a consumable made in your Kitchen (short time) for 3 energy


3 thoughts on “Corn On The Cob


  2. You can’t search any of the corn in the burnt corn field, only the burnt tractor! Is this another glitch or is this game designed to not let me continue it!?

    • If you are able to search the tractor other than quest related, it most likely is a glitch for you. You may have to submit a help ticket through the in game help tab for a missing item.

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