The Hunger Games Adventures is coming to iPad!

The Hunger Games Adventures iPadToday we announced that the wildly successful Facebook game is making the move to iPad!

“If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games book, movie, or both, we have some very exciting news for you: The official social game based on the story is coming to the iPad very soon — and it’s really good!” - Matt Blum (Wired GeekDad)

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Congratulations Heroes! Map Unlocked!

Congratulations Heroes!

Your hard work searching for the hidden seals through Panem has paid off! The new map of Panem is available now! Feast your eyes on the official locations of District 12 PNDistrict 11 PNDistrict 2 PN and The Capitol PN!

Check out what other citizens are saying, and follow all the latest about the map on The Hunger Games Adventures Facebook page!

Discover Panem!

You can help discover Panem! New quests and a new event have been added this week. 12 District seals have been hidden throughout the District and zones. Collect them all! When enough have been found by all citizens of Panem, the in-game map of Panem will be revealed.
New Content:
  • “Seal The Deal” Quest
  • 22 new quests
  • 12 District seals hidden throughout Panem
  • 3 New items can now be crafted using the Kitchen
  • More! Stay tuned to the Facebook page for the event progress!

District 2 Revealed!

Today’s major update to the game revealed a new District and 2 new Tributes!

Cato and District 2 come to The Hunger Games Adventures

The adventures continue in District 2 with the Careers - Cato and Clove.

Here is a list of the new content (this was a big one!):

  • The beginning of Chapter 12 - “The Pride Of District 2″:
  • 35 new quests
  • 4 New NPCs:
    • Cato
    • Clove
    • Cinder
    • Ash
  • 5 new District 2 venues:
    • The Train Station
    • The Justice Building
    • The Village
    • The School
    • The Overlook

Play it now at:

Caesar Flickerman makes debut in The Hunger Games Adventures

Caesar Flickerman The Hunger Games Adventures

The weekly update is live! This chapter brings the heroes back to the Capitol on quests for Capitol TV’s host Caesar Flickerman!

New Content:

  • New Characters:
    • Caesar Flickerman!
    • Lysander
    • Capitol TV crew
  • New Zones:
    • Caesar’s Stage
    • The Crew Site
    • The Dig Site
  • New Content:
    • Introduction to Chapter 11: “Open Their Eyes”
    • New quests!

Play it now!


UPDATE: Crafting and Road to District 11

New Content:

  • 16 new crafting related quests
  • 10 new “Road to District 11″ quests
  • New Zone: “The Mountain Stop”
  • 5 new buildings
  • 30 new crafting collectibles
  • Max Level now 35

New Features:

  • Crafting - Added “Workshop” and “Kitchen”
  • Added “Consumables” Tab in Inventory
  • Navigation Window — Map coming soon!
  • Collectibles describe uses and where to find them
  • “Show Me” button on quest screen optimized for multiple steps/locations of a quest
  • The XP bar now shows how much XP is needed to reach the next level
  • Improved experience for expanding Forest Escape

Resolved Known Issues:

  • Members missing Mockinjay Pin’s after the chapter update have now had their inventory adjusted so they hold the correct number of pins
  • Members stuck on a “log-in loop” or error because of a Forest Escape item have been adjusted accordingly to resolve the issue