Unable to expand/unlock areas of the Forest Escape

We are aware of, and working to resolve, an issue affecting users who are attempting to expand their Forest Escape.

Please note: There is no reason to contact Customer Support about this issue. We appreciate your patience. When the resolution is implemented, all of the affected members will be able to finish the quest and expand their Forest Escape as intended.

PARTIAL RESOLUTION: The affected players who were unable to unlock their Forest Escape area in order to complete the quest “Rue’s Song” are now able to complete the quest and continue with the game progression as intended. This issue was separate from the other area’s in the Forest Escape.

Some accounts playable, some not, from same computer

There is a known issue affecting a very small portion of our users. They may experience an issue similar to the one outlined below:

  • They cannot log into the game. The game loading screen “hangs” around 75%
  • A friend or family member logs into Facebook on the same computer and can get in game successfully.

This issue is almost always caused by “blank” Facebook account settings. FOR EXAMPLE: If you have your gender on Facebook set to neutral (neither male nor female) the game will prevent you from logging in.

To fix this issue, review your Facebook account settings and ensure that your account options are not blank. (While you don’t need to make this changed information visible on your profile, it still must be set)

UPDATE: Crafting and Road to District 11

New Content:

  • 16 new crafting related quests
  • 10 new “Road to District 11″ quests
  • New Zone: “The Mountain Stop”
  • 5 new buildings
  • 30 new crafting collectibles
  • Max Level now 35

New Features:

  • Crafting - Added “Workshop” and “Kitchen”
  • Added “Consumables” Tab in Inventory
  • Navigation Window — Map coming soon!
  • Collectibles describe uses and where to find them
  • “Show Me” button on quest screen optimized for multiple steps/locations of a quest
  • The XP bar now shows how much XP is needed to reach the next level
  • Improved experience for expanding Forest Escape

Resolved Known Issues:

  • Members missing Mockinjay Pin’s after the chapter update have now had their inventory adjusted so they hold the correct number of pins
  • Members stuck on a “log-in loop” or error because of a Forest Escape item have been adjusted accordingly to resolve the issue

Mockingjay Pins

After completing a chapter in The Hunger Games Adventures you receive a Mockingjay Pin as a reward. These pins are used to expand your Forest Escape.


RESOLVED: After the game was changed to a “Chapter” system, there were several users that did not receive the appropriate number of Mockingjay Pins after this update. The Gamemakers are aware of that issue and working to find a resolution. Once the issue is resolved, the affected members’ inventories will adjust automatically. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our players.