iPAD Support

In order for the Customer Service Team to accurately track and diagnose a support issue with the iPad version of the game, you will need to submit the ticket through the game itself:

  • Tap the gears icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Tap the support button
  • Complete the support ticket form

This will send a summary of your issue to the Customer Service Team with information about the game that will assist in resolving your issue.

If you can not log into the game at all, please click here and complete a ticket request and you will be contacted shortly.


See you in Panem!

6 thoughts on “iPAD Support

  1. I am on the quest “Dinner is Served.” Rue is asking me to cook a turkey dinner. I need to go cook a dinner at my forest escape. I am supposed to do this from the kitchen when I click on “Go To Crafting.” The kitchen says I need a “Bread Oven.” But, the Bread Oven is locked. So I cannot proceed.

  2. Is there a site to go to to get neighbors. I can’t seem to get any one to join. Plus I can’t open the knife. what do you suggest I do to open it. thank you Pam Butkiewicz

  3. hi! I’m playing the hunger games adventure on facebook. I have got a BIG problem.
    When I’m out of energy three options comes up: half refill, full refill and ask friends. But the last two days the third option has been replaced with “free energy, haymich found a sponsor!” and I can’t send out a request to friends. Even though they can’t there seems to be some bug on my game and it doesnt go away.

    What am i suppose to do?..

  4. there is one mission that is called ‘ the center piece ‘ and its saying that you need the key to control the control panel. i went to get the key and it said it is in my inventory but its not in there. and so when i went to the control panel it said ‘ sorry you don’t have the key’. when i went back to do it again it said you have the key. so can you please help me get the key.

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