The Hunger Games Adventures is coming to iPad!

The Hunger Games Adventures iPadToday we announced that the wildly successful Facebook game is making the move to iPad!

“If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games book, movie, or both, we have some very exciting news for you: The official social game based on the story is coming to the iPad very soon — and it’s really good!” - Matt Blum (Wired GeekDad)

Check out the full story on Wired

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The Following Plug-in has Crashed: Shockwave Flash

This FAQ Article, as well as the subsequent Technical Support article are helpful for users who experience one or more of the following issues:

  • You are using Chrome browser and the game (and all tabs with Flash elements) have stopped responding, giving you an error message:

The Following Plug-in has Crashed: Shockwave Flash

This is an issue that is not related to the game, but is related to the way Flash is packaged with Chrome, creating 2 instances of Flash running as plug-ins on the browser.

Visit this link for information on disabling one of the redundant plug-ins: