Discover Panem!

You can help discover Panem! New quests and a new event have been added this week. 12 District seals have been hidden throughout the District and zones. Collect them all! When enough have been found by all citizens of Panem, the in-game map of Panem will be revealed.
New Content:
  • “Seal The Deal” Quest
  • 22 new quests
  • 12 District seals hidden throughout Panem
  • 3 New items can now be crafted using the Kitchen
  • More! Stay tuned to the Facebook page for the event progress!

EXCLUSIVE! Hear “Rue’s Lullaby” by Sting!

EXCLUSIVE! Hear “Rue’s Lullaby” by Sting in the beta game of The Hunger Games Adventures today! New players are joining Panem every minute. Will you be one of them? Sign up today at

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