The Hunger Games Adventures - Basic Features Tutorial

Here are some basic tips to make sure your first experience in The Hunger Games Adventures is a positive one!

  1. To move around, click on the ground where you’d like to walk
  2. To see what is going on around the game screen, or to see all the options in a zone, you can click and drag your mouse and it will show you more of the area
  3. To interact with someone in the game you may click them, it will also tell you if you have to interact with them more than once for a quest step by putting your mouse over the person/object
  4. To pick up an object that dropped from a quest you simply run your mouse cursor over the object
  5. To open a quest and see what is being asked of you, you may click the quest icon along the left side of the screen, it will break down each step in detail and show you where your next step can be completed

The “Back to World” & “Panem Map” are functions found on the bottom right of your game. The “Back to World” function works while in your Forest Escape, it allows you to return to the last zone that you were in before teleporting to your Forest Escape. The entire map of Panem (the first official map of it’s kind!) will be released in The Hunger Games Adventures soon!

You can personalize your Forest Hideout by clicking the “Store” button along the bottom of the game screen. In here, you will see decorations, building objects and special objects!

Some of the items are available based on your level. If the item is unavailable it will have a lock and tell you what level is required.

Example of locked item

You can turn, move or delete an object from your Forest Hideout by clicking the item. When you click the item you will see 3 options:

  • Rotate Item: This allows you to spin the object
  • Move Item: This allows you to drag the item around your Forest Hideout
  • Sell Item: This allows you to return the item, effectively deleting it and refunding a portion of the goods used to buy the item

To expand the territory of your Forest Escape you will need Discovery Maps. After completing a chapter in The Hunger Games Adventures you receive a Discovery Map as a reward.

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