Trees, Rocks & Weeds Reappearing Over Objects in Forest Escape

The trees, rocks and weeds in the Forest Escape reappear “randomly” each time a member is transported to their private location. Occasionally these items may appear on top of, or over top of other objects in the Forest Escape.

We are aware that the respawn rate is too high for some members, and are considering adjusting this aspect of the game to make your experience more enjoyable. If/When the change takes affect, you will not be required to make any changes, it will happen automatically.

This issue can, at times, make it appear as though a member has lost an object from their Forest Escape when in reality it’s just “hiding” behind it.

Please note: At this time, we have no indication of an ongoing error that causes a Forest Escape object to disappear. All reports of missing items have been attributed to them being placed behind a tree, rock pile or weeds.

Example of rocks reappearing over a small pond

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