Chapter 12

Your adventures continue as you and the filming crew along with Caesar Flickerman, arrive in District 2. In this Chapter you’ll be meeting Cinder, Cato, Clove and Ash. Cato, Clove and Ash are part of the districts “Careers”-  kids that make a career out of hoping that they are chosen to be Tributes in the Hunger Games, the pride of their district.  Caesar casts you as one of the workers building the new Justice Building in District 2, and interviews you about the job. Other quests include scouting the area for possible shooting locations, helping Ash compete in a  competition against Cato and Clove, to going undercover to get medicine for Ash’s sick brother and getting a device that your Secret Benefactor needs. The are a lot of risky quests in District 2 waiting for you as your adventure in Panem continues!

Machines Of Work

Help Back Home

Analytical View

Round Trip

Car Trouble

The Car

Partly Right

Delayed Shipment

Tools Of Harvest

Twax As Valuable

Pass The Torch

Smoke Them Out

Keep Away

Shake It

Wax On

Secret Ingredients

On The Menu

Express Delivery

Trip It

On With The Show

Complete Package


Boarding Time

A Friendly Face

Presumed Missing

Just In Case

The All New…

Small Talk

Word Blocks

The Next Level

Location Scout

Racing Career

Helping Hands

One Final Push

No Fair!

Signal Fire

Caught In A Trap

Rocky Trail

Preventive Measures

Cover Up

Plausible Deniability

Big Catch

Sweet Release

Deal With It

All In a Day’s Work

Raw Conditions

An Extra Pair

One Down

A Shoot, Of Course

Catching Up

It’s All In The Leg

Getting The Point

Family Matters

In Short Supply

Surprising Alliance

Looking The Part

Pick It up

Finding Cover

Hardly Working

Choices, Choices

Looks Familiar

Find An Expert

The Old Digs

Up To Scale

Mix Pack

You Can Go Back

Back To Back

Study Session

Courtesy Of The Capitol

Quiet Time

The Big Swap

Packing Up

Away From Here

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