Shacking Up

Head Peacekeeper Cray is calling off his Peacekeepers. In this quest, help the citizens rebuild their Shelters at The Warehouses. You’ll need Wood, Nails, Linen and Wood Boards to complete this quest.

A Key Issue

In order to change the data on the tablet, you’ll need an encryption key. In this quest, take Plex’s Data Recorder at Plex’s New Workshop and travel to the Control Room at The Capitol and record the Encryption Key.

Respect My Authority

Peacekeeper Cray tells you that you need to get into The Justice Building to get the report, but you need authorization. Travel to the Courtyard and get an Authorization from Eurydice then go back and enter The Justice Building in District 12.

Do Me A Favor

When looking for the box for Haymitch Abernathy, you see that the Peacekeepers are tearing down the Shelters at The Warehouses. In this quest, talk to Head Peacekeeper Cray at The Warehouses.