Mrs. Everdeen

  • Mrs. Everdeen is an apothecary is District 12.  She is well known for creating healing remedies
  • She is teaching her trade to Prim, just as she learned it from her own father while living in the Merchant area before moving into the Seam
  • Mrs. Everdeen will share the story of the Mockingjays with the players and


Where do I find it?

  • Trade with Moira Outside the Hob to receive Butter in Sous Chef
  • It can only be crafted in your Kitchen (medium time) otherwise
  • May request from friends
  • Crafting time may be reduced by 20 minutes by visiting friend

How do I use it?

  • After used in trade for Sous Chef, you will later be able to craft it as a base for other consumables in your Kitchen
  • Use it to craft Cookie Dough (long time) for other recipes
  • Also for Corn on the Cob (short time) to gain 3 energy and Mashed Potatoes (long time) to gain 4 energy


Where do I find it?

  • Search the Sacks in the Village to find Potato in the Sous Chef quest and subsequently after
  • May request from friends

How do I use it?

  • Use it to complete the Dinner Is Served quest in which you will make a Turkey Dinner to the Peackeepers in hopes of distracting them
  • It’s used to craft Mashed Potatoes and Turkey Dinner in your Kitchen

Secret Ingredients

After gathering the wax Effie Trinket needed for her pomade, she lets you in on the other secret ingredients for her pomade.  In this quest, go to The Burned Cornfield to get some fresh corn then travel to The Seam and collect the eggs.  You’ll need seeds to feed the chicken to get the eggs.  You can collect seeds from your Herbalist Table at your Forest Escape.


  • Brier lives in District 11
  • Players will interact with her in the District Woods and ultimately send her off with the other fugitives choosing to leave the district at the Fence

Colorful Fabric

Where do I find it?

  • This item can only be crafted in your Cottage (long time)
  • Crafting time may be reduced 50 minutes by a visiting friend

How do I use it?

  • Use it to complete the “Color or Dye” quest