The Cottage is a building that can be created and placed within your Forest Escape. It’s used to craft items for many uses. Some of the items that can be crafted are Focus, Muse, Colorful Fabric, Mechanics Book and more.

The Cottage is unlocked during the “Work Work” quest and available for purchase in the Store. Place the Cottage in your Forest Escape. Collect 10 Wood, 6 Wood Board, 3 Nail  and 6 Evening Primrose. Once collected, click the green “Finish” button on the Cottage and the green “Continue” button. You Cottage is now ready to Craft.

Items that can be crafted in the Cottage are:                                                                Focus, Muse, Bright Idea, Piece Of Linen, Colorful Dye, Colorful Fabric, Candle and Mechanics Book.

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