The Workshop is a building that can be created and placed within your Forest Escape. Its used to create parts for many things such as a Net for catching animals, Baking Tools for cooking, a Powerful Arrowhead for hunting and more.

The Workshop is unlocked during the “Work Work” quest and available for purchase in the Store. Place the Workshop in your Forest Escape. Collect 10 Rock, 10 Wood, 2 Wood Board and 1 Focus. Once collected, click the green “Finish” button on the Workshop and the green “Continue” button. You Kitchen is now ready to Craft.

Items that can be crafted in the Workshop are:                                                                       Rope, Net, Metal Chunk, Wood Board, Nail, Brick, Axe, Baking Tools, Work Tools, Smoking Torch, Reinforced Arrowhead, Pristine Arrowhead and Powerful Arrowhead.

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