Chapter 13

The Reaping is over and the Tributes of the 74th Hunger Games have been chosen and are on their way to The Capitol. In this chapter you will be meeting a lot of different people including President Snow. Your quests will include helping Cinna with Training Outfits for Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, and making a suit for their Mentor, Haymitch Abernathy, District 12′s only living Victor of the 2nd Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games.  President Snow enlists you and Cinna to decorate The Garden where he sends you to the Forest to find the White Roses he wants for his Garden. You will also be setting up the Training Stations for the Tributes and interviewing them for Caesar. Your Secret Benefactor needs you to secure an invitation to Snow’s Ball so you can retrieve some documents he needs on the 75th Hunger Games, you have to be quick and smart to pull off breaking into the Study without getting caught! After getting the information your Benefactor needs, it is time to prepare the Arena Outfits for Katniss and Peeta as the 74th Hunger Games gets underway! There are many more exciting quests waiting for you as your journey through Panem Continues at The Capitol and the beginning of the Games.

Unattended Business

Clean Up

Customer Testimonials 

Hot On The Trail

Catch You

Rules Of Attraction

Arrow Up

Bait Connoisseur 

Rotten Bits

Dirty Trap

New Arrow Smell


Table It 1

Make Like A Tree

Hat Madness

Happy Hunting

Making Room


Noise Disturbance

Bright Idea

Materials First

New Trappings

Candle Vigil

Third Time’s A Charm

Gotta Have Dessert

Take The Cake

Sweet Pea

Dress Up

Flower Pattern

Color Or Dye

Beginners Manual

Table It 2

The Orange Touch

Fancy Cake

There’s Gonna Be Cake

Open Table 1

Just The Check

Mingle, Mingle!

Into The Wild


Finding Variety

Quick Work

Jacking Turkeys

Wild Tracks

Sting And Pincer

Something Red

Snowy Reaches


Turkish Delight

What Range

Trapped Again

Fine Build

Take Out

Fair Take

Within Range

Seed For Thought

Bite Me

Visiting Hours


Trust Nature

Bring Hope

Plenty Of

Hooked On A Filling

See Attachment

Release Me

Quick Fire

Open Table 2

Everyone’s Invited

Thanks For Dinner

Our Mutual Friend

Pile Up

The Lost Toys

Cookies And Cream

Hot Hot Hot

Tall Drink Of Chocolate


Rescued Wood

Give Flight

Sketch Artist

Sketchy Animals

Working From Home


Touch Of Color

Cable Guy

A New Plan

Help Needed

Crash Course

Apple Be

Oh Deer!

Petting Zoo

The Toy Factory


Sled All The Way

Easy Delivery

Toys For Tots

Leaf Them Be

Winter Time

That Time Of Year

The Underdog

Getting Fit

String Together

Great Mentor

Garden State

Fine Finish

Due To Snow

Roses Are White

It’s Not Over

Presidential Aid

Feels Like Home

Welcome Party

Arrival Party

Dinner Is Served

Taking A Stand

Shades Of Fire

 Old Practices

Contain Yourself 

Suiting up

Burgeoning Love

Seating Room

Still A Rose

Setting The Scene

Doggie Treats

Training Days

Mr. Know How

Give It The Boot

The Base Colors

Table Matters

Bad Medicine

Adding Variety

Matchy Matchy

A Bit Unbalanced

Training Gossip

Doll Face

Touch Wood

Duly Noted

Poster Children

A Taste Of Home

Need To Have

Through The Lens

Through The Lens 2

Main Attraction

Get Fitted

Pretty Woman

Playing Dress Up

Locket When You Leave

Persona Non Grata 

Interview Job

Before You Party

Brain Food


Figure Of Speech

Full Purse

Life Of The Party

The Help

Pick Me

Knock On Wood

Copy Right

Sealed Document

Closing Time

Put A Pin In It

Set On Fire

The Makeover

The Flame Within

It’s On!

Lovers’ Quarrel

As Seen On TV

Sleepless In The Capitol

Bedtime Story

Brand New Day

Let The Games Begin


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