Color Or Dye

In this quest, craft Colorful Dye at your Cottage in your Forest Escape from the flowers you collected. After it’s finished, click on the Cottage to collect the Dye. Next, craft Colorful Fabric at the Cottage. When it is finished, click on the Cottage to collect the Colorful Fabric. You’ll need Water to craft the Colorful Dye. It takes a Large amount of time to craft Colorful Dye and Colorful Fabric.

One thought on “Color Or Dye

  1. What are you suppose to do with the fabric after it’s collected? I figured since it’s placed in the materials inventory and not among the quests that indicates that it can be used, or is this just random? And the dye, can that be used for other purposes than to make fabric? I’m wondering if I should stock up for later.

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