“Gift Sack”

Members are provided with a Gift Sack in their Forest Escape. This item is part of the quest system and you will be able to open it one time after given the required knife to do so.


Known Issues with the Gift Sack:

  • This item is a “once and done” type item. It is only meant to be opened once. The corresponding knife will disappear after it is opened. The Gamemakers are aware of the Gift Sack reappearing in some members Forest Escape. This does not mean you are missing the knife or a quest in order to open it again. It is only meant to be opened once. If you never received the knife for the first time, see the Missing Quest Item FAQ.
  • Members may inadvertently place an object over the area of the Gift Sack which prevents the item from appearing in future visits (which in turn may prevent a member from finishing the “Sack Lunch” quest). This is a known issue that The Gamemakers are working to resolve. If you are stuck on a quest, please contact Customer Support, HERE.

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